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Equine Red and Infra Redlight Pad

 This pad has been customized using science-based evidence for depth of penetration and absorption of light for pain and tissue healing.

Exclusive to Applied Posture Riding and Redlight Physiotherapy. (Model 5)

Each LED has 1xRed and 2x deep Infrared LEDs.
This is one of the most effective pads available. This pad is safe and effective for humans if you choose to.
( FYI horse skin and hair will absorb blue and red light and produce heat, producing a thermal effect.)
To achieve a “photobiomodulation effect”  (for pain and inflammation) deep infrared wavelengths are required and a pulsed setting is the best setting to achieve this effect. Many off-the-shelf pads are marketed well but are not effective for animals.
Pad Specifications
Size  Extra Large 45cm x 40cm
144chips each chip has 1x660nm LED 1x 810nm LED and 1x 980nm LED total 432 LEDs
2 Pockets each 13cm x13cm
Hand Controller 117cm long
Timer 5,10,15,20,25,30 mins
“All”, “Red” or “Infra-Red” bands
Continuous or pulsed mode
Power settings L1, L2, L3, L4
Elastic Strap 2x elastic straps 180cm each
Plastic Protective sheet 46.5cm x 42cm
Protective flap over the pockets 35.5cm x 20cm
AUD power cord
Power bank battery 12V2A (included)
Instruction Sheet.
Why Choose this pad?
Research continues to provide more evidence about the specific action at the different wavelengths.
The traditional two wavelengths of 660nm and 850nm are the standard settings on all devices for many years. We now know other wavelengths have greater effects and how the different depths and chromophores react.
Dark skin and hair are highly absorbent to red light. Blue light is very shallow and has little effect on animals due to hair and dark skin. Blue light is effective for surface conditions, especially on humans.
Research has proven that deeper infrared light is mostly absorbed in the water chromophore.
This is the wavelength most beneficial for animals. This is also a wavelength that is activated with small doses of energy.
Power is lost as it passes through the tissue.  The amount to activate the water chromophore is much less than at the surface tissue.
I designed this pad by applying research to the pad.
660nm is a high energy shallow wavelength (redlight), that penetrates the superficial tissue.
This wavelength is highly absorbed by melanin and Hemoglobin (chromophores).
This wavelength is ideal for skin conditions, wounds, and shallow tissue conditions.
You can use this setting for heat and wounds and muscle pain.
810nm is a deeper less energy wavelength (infra redlight) that penetrates deeper.
This wavelength is highly absorbed into the cytochrome c oxidase chromophore to activate ATP production plus
NO and ROS gene transcription process for inflammation, pain relief, and tissue repair. This is the “photobiomodulation effect”.
980nm is even deeper and is a low energy wavelength (infrared light). This wavelength passes through the shallow tissue and chromophores to be absorbed into the water chromophores. The action for effect is the same, inflammatory control and pain relief.
Some studies suggest there is a longer-lasting effect with this wavelength.
Settings on this pad.
The most effective settings for your horse’s back pain are infra-red only L4 power 30mins and Pulsed (10HZ).
This setting does not produce heat and provides a “photobiomodulation” effect.
Use the power settings (L1, L2, L3, L4) to comfort heat only. This provides a “thermal effect”.
The pulsed setting with little to no heat is the most effective setting for pain control.
It can be used 2-3x a day.
Contraindications and Care
  • Do not place on wet or dirty hair/skin.
  • Shorter hair will provide better effects.
  • Do not leave unsupervised.
  • Cover open wounds with clear plastic eg. Gald wrap
  • Do not place it over the pregnant uterus.
  • Do not place over an active cancer
  • Safe for eyes no protection is needed but take care with the pulsed mode in the face.
12 months for the pad.
The hand controller is not covered under a warranty but can be replaced easily if broken. ( postage cost + $5)
No warranty is provided for broken or damaged products.
Please take care when removing and storing your pad, preferably store it flat or loosely folded.
The battery does not have a warranty.
Certifications Rohs, CE, FCC 
International shipping requires a quote, contact me with your address for a shipping fee.
If you have any questions just ask.
For more information about RLT watch this video. Red and Infrared Light Explained

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