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Applied Posture Riding Book 1stEdition

Applied Posture Riding Book 1st Edition

 The very first edition of my Applied Posture Riding Program comes as a Hardcover book.

I wrote this book in 2002 and had it published and sold 100s of copies.

This is the 1st edition of my work,  available in a hardcover book for you to study.

The 2nd edition was updated and is now in a digital format as a download PDF, click here.

I also have a  membership program that includes the E-book as well as over 100 videos detailing the program. You can follow in sequence or skip ahead and choose how you learn.

Learn The Fundamentals of Riding Using Your Core

Rider Biomechanics
Unmounted training is essential for riders.


My Applied Posture Riding program will teach you how to activate, strengthen, and use your core for riding.

The core muscle is a primary stabilizer and is essential for skilled riding.

Many things affect the core, including pain, injury, trauma, repetitive work, and movements.

In addition to training your core, this program provides much information on how to manage low back pain and other common musculoskeletal injuries. Physiotherapy-based advice for horse riders.

Furthermore, Pilates will not train riding skills, finally, Pilates does not train rider-specific movement patterns.

Learning how to activate or engage and use your core is equally important to strength and function. My program teaches you both. You can learn everything you need to know about your core when riding muscles.

My knowledge as a Physiotherapist and my skills and experience have been combined to educate, train, and teach correct rider biomechanics.

Starting with activating your core on demand and progressing to use and strength and finally training “how to” use your core when riding.

Part 2 of the Program

The second part of the program details how to use your core while training rider-specific movement patterns. These movement patterns will set you up for better skills for riding and as a trainer.

These movement patterns are trained unmounted and then applied mounted, again, this is explained in detail in text, photos, and videos.

The instructions are set out in an easy-to-follow sequence for success.

The Hardcover book has detailed text with photos.

The digital E-book includes more exercises specific to riding.

The online membership course includes text, photos, and videos as well as rider-specific riding lessons.

This program can take your riding to the next level and teach you how to ride applying correct biomechanics.

Feel free to follow me on Youtube for tips advice and just for fun videos.

Lastly, the program is fun and effective in training your body to ride with balance, symmetry, and skill.

You can achieve so much more with your horse when you know how to ride.

Do your horse a favor, learn how to ride!



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