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High Waist Core Support Suede Seat Breeches

High Waist Wide Waist Core Support Back Support New Design Breeches for women with a tummy.

These breeches have been designed by a Physiotherapist who is also a rider having suffered low back pain from injury. High waist, core support silicone seat breeches with a four-way stretch fabric. Available in black only. Super comfortable, the silicone print is long-lasting but is super sticky to your saddle. These breeches provide full tummy support with a wide waist-band. They also look good feel good and are flattering for those of us who have a tummy.

These breeches are designed by a Physio/rider for women with a tummy and are exclusive to APR.

These are proving very popular as home-training breeches for women.

This is a uniquely designed riding wear is exclusive to APR.

      • The waistband has been designed to fit at your waist, not on your hips.
      • The extra-wide waistband prevents it from rolling down and cutting you in half.
      • The front segment of the waistband sits at your belly button for core support.
      • The rear segment sits at your waist supporting your lower back.
      • There is an extra-wide segment across your buttocks to allow freedom of leg movement
      • The internal reinforced elastic “Core Support”  waistband supports you all the way around.
      • The waistband has wide 10cm belt loops for a belt or can be removed for looks.
      • The belt loops allow space to wear the “Core Sensory Belt ” for added core support
      • You can also buy these without the belt loops
      • The lower leg has a sock finish adding comfort and even support around the calf muscle.
      • Black only (at this stage)
      • The suede seat is uniquely designed with “gaps” to provide tension release when moving.
      • Full stretch 280 g  light microfibre fabric with a  suede seat
      • Sock finish with Lycra  for greater comfort and support
      • Three Hook and eye clasp to join the waistband at the front
      • Small front zip fly
      • Twin side zip front pockets
      • Left logo
      • Sizes Australian 10,12,14,16,18
      • Warning Only ride in ALL LEATHER saddles.


Australian Size chart

Watch this short video highlighting the design of the Suede seat High Waist Breeches.

If you are interested in the same design in a silicone seat use this link.