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High Waist Core Support Silicone Seat Breeches

These breeches have been designed by a Physiotherapist who is also a rider having suffered low back pain from injury. High waist, core support silicone seat breeches with a four-way stretch fabric. Available in black only. Super comfortable, the silicone print is long-lasting but is super sticky to your saddle. These breeches provide full tummy support with a wide waist-band. They also look good feel good and are flaterring for those of us who have a tummy.

These breeches are designed by a Physio/rider for women with a tummy and are exclusive to APR.

      • The waistband has been designed to fit at your waist, not on your hips.
      • High waist jodhpurs with inbuilt core support.
      • The extra-wide waistband prevents it from rolling down and cutting you in half.
      • The front segment of the waistband sits at your belly button for core support.
      • The rear segment sits at your waist supporting your lower back.
      • There is an extra wide segment across your buttocks to allow freedom of leg movement
      • The internal reinforced elastic “Core Support”  waistband supports you all the way around.
      • The waistband has wide 10cm belt loops for a belt
      • The belt loops allow space to wear the “Core Sensory Belt ” for added core support
      • The lower leg has a sock finish adding comfort and even support around the calf muscle.
      • Black only
      • Silicone print seat provides full movement for your leg and hips
      • Full stretch 420 g knitted fabric with a  silicone seat
      • Sock finish with Lycra  for greater comfort and support
      • Three Hook and eye clasp to join the waistband at the front
      • Small front zip fly
      • Twin side zip front pockets
      • Left logo
      • Sizes Australian 10,12,14,16,18.
Australian Size chart

Have a look at this video looking at the features of my design but in a suede seat.

If you would like to inspect the suede seat breeches use this link.