Rider and Equine Biomechanics and Physiotherapy

Teaching Riders' to Ride and Teaching  Riders' to Train

Teaching the rider to ride is the first step. Teaching the rider to train their horse is the next step and the training of both is endless.

My new Applied Posture Riding 12 Month Membership Program (for a short time you can get 24months of access)  now online and available to riders wanting to change the way they prepare themselves for riding and training. This is a unique program designed by me (Annette Willson ) a Physiotherapist, retired elite rider, trainer, and Biomechanics Rider Coach.

You will learn about yourself as a rider and an athlete and you will learn how to apply the fundamentals of riding with correct core function and independent isolated skills. Scroll to the bottom of this page or use this link to examine the details of the program.   

Details Applied Posture Riding 12 Month Membership Program. (for a short time only you can access for 24months)



The topic of Rider Biomechanics is evolving and becoming popular with riders and instructors. However, this topic on its own is not enough. Many riders have unmounted posture issues. These riders require professional Physiotherapy. They require retraining as well as rider training.

An injury, age-related movement deficiencies, stiffness, weakness, and much more directly affect your posture and your riding posture. This directly affects your horse. These problems will not be fixed in the saddle. It is time to test, assess, and plan your riding posture rehab program.

Riding "well" does not come easy to many and training a horse is more difficult than many admit!

 Have a look at the following list and I am sure you can relate to more than one problem.
before and after APR websize

  • having poor balance when riding
  • round shoulders and a poking chin
  • arched lower back, and stiff through the spine
  • having an unstable lower leg that swings
  • having a weak core and being unable to use your seat when you need it
  • balancing on the reins for security
  • bouncing at the trot and the canter 
  • tipping forward instead of sitting upright
  • getting confused with your aids and then confusing your horse
  • feeling anxious or riding defensively
  • many more

These problems are all fixable once you know what your problems are.


Does your coach repeat the same instructions:

  • sit up straight and lookup
  • you need more coreBiomechanical Education For Horse riders web
  • keep your leg still, stop swinging it
  • soften your hands
  • relax your back

Your coach is not a Physiotherapist and cannot give you a rehab program.

Does your horse:

  • drop the shoulder or lug
  • swing the quarters 
  • resist your legs
  • lean on the bit
  • rush/ sloth
  • buck/pig root

Are these problems due to you the rider?

Have you been affected by:

falls 1

  • an injury affecting your posture and strength
  • back pain
  • arthritis
  • tendonitis/bursitis4870095 ruptured disk
  • children
  • a repetitive job
  • a sedentary job
  • little time

All of these body issues directly affect your riding posture and your daily working/living posture.

Rider Biomechanics, Physiotherapy, and Equestrian Sports Specific Rehabilitation are topics that every rider will practice to be the best rider/trainer they can be.Core hold

Strengthening your core (Pilates) has been very popular in recent times but learning how to use your core when riding is the key to riding success.

The key to good riding is specialized core training and Rider Specific Movement Patterns.

  • Learn HOW to use your core on demand.
  • Learn HOW to apply the correct aids symmetrically and effectively.
  • Achieve a safe effective strong balanced riding posture.
  • Know what you are doing and apply the skills in the saddle.
  • Achieve your ambition as a rider and be a better trainer for your horse.

 12 Month Applied Posture Riding Membership ProgramDSC 0050websize

 Keeping up with the newest information I am now designing and have customized a Redlight Physiotherapy pad for horses and humans. For more information have a look at my new redlight physiotherapy website.

Redlight Physiotherapy Customized Pad

Topline Strength Training 

In addition to training riders, I have now completed 12 months of study on Equine Biomechanics and strength training horses for better performance.

Build topline 1web

  Casey Compare photos web This is Casey a 13yo Tb mare. This photo (left) is after 2 weeks of strength training. The basic training of long forward and low naturally is the target. (photo on the right). You can now apply this training to your horse to build a strong good looking and functional topline.



 My Credentials are as listed:

• Physiotherapist
• Bachelor of Applied Science Physiotherapy
• Masters Degree in Physiotherapy
• Diploma of Nutrition
• Rider Biomechanics Assessor
• Elite Competitor (Retired) and Horse Trainer
• Special Focus in Horse Rider Training
• Pilate’s Trainer and Educator