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Rider Biomechanics, Equine Biomechanics and Physiotherapy

Applied Posture Riding Rider Biomechanics training applies correct biomechanics to train the rider how to ride with correct movement patterns. In addition to teaching the rider, the program also provides the basics for the rider to train their horse. Furthermore, the training of both is endless.

  Applied Posture Riding 12-Month Online Membership Program.

This is a unique program designed by me (Annette Willson ) a Physiotherapist, retired elite rider, trainer, and Biomechanics Rider Coach. Applied Posture Riding is a unique and rider-specific program.

In addition to riding you will learn about yourself as an athlete and you will learn how to apply the fundamentals of riding with correct core function as well as independent isolated skills.

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Core Support Breeches

In addition to my Rider Biomechanics program, I also design products for the rider and the horse. Applied Posture Riding products are only available here. Check out my high waist, wide waist, core support breeches designed to support women with a tummy and or a weak core.

Available in the shop.

Strength Training For Horses

Building a topline on your horse is now easier and kinder with great results due to my sports physio-based science-backed weight training program. Further to hours of studying  I have spent many hours testing and designing this weight-training program for horses.

This is exclusive to my site. This program uses equine biomechanics and Physiology-based strength training science for the horse. This 12-week program builds your horse’s topline, core, and hind end without force. Compassionate training is now becoming the way to train. Many trainers and coaches are now willing to investigate alternative, safe effective methods of training. More information in the shop. Furthermore, this program should and or will become the norm for strength training.

Red and Infrared Light Therapy

 This therapy has exploded in popularity as a safe, effective, home-based therapy to treat pain and inflammation in the body. This evidence-based therapy is proven to reduce pain, and inflammation and promote tissue healing in humans and animals.

Red light is ideal for superficial conditions and infrared light penetrates deeper for muscle, fascia, and nerve pain. My custom-designed pads applying 3 bands for the most effective penetration and absorption are listed in my shop.

Ponease Australia Products

Another evidence-based product I have available is the Ponease Equine supplement. Another equally important product for the health and training of your horse.

Education and Information

In addition to my uniquely designed products, I have written numerous articles on various topics about riding, injuries, rehab, and physiotherapy education. Please explore these via the article tab.

Extra information tips and advice can be found by following my YouTube channel

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