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Lumbar Back Brace for Horse Riders

Lumbar Back Brace brace for horse riders to wear when riding and around the home and stables.

This is a mini-style  Lumbar back brace which is ideal for wearing when riding, working around the stables, or any heavy work.

The wrap design provides support for your core and your lower back. The elastic bands follow the core muscle fiber direction, providing direct support in the same line of force as the core muscles function.

It is adjustable to wear tight or loose around the lower waist.

Wrap around, and wear over clothes as needed.

Contains tourmaline (rubber).  If worn directly against the skin the brace will generate heat and may cause a rash, hence it is suggested to wear the brace over clothes.

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Back pain is common among horse riders. Back injuries include disc injury, muscle imbalances, joint problems, and arthritic pain.

Physio, Chiro, massage drugs, and surgery, are the most common medical treatments and management processes.

Red and Infrared Light Therapy is becoming a successful evidence-based therapy to treat and manage back pain. (both in horses and humans).

For more information about Red and Infra-Red Light Therapy use this link to view my presentations.

I have an Online Rider Biomechanics Program, teaching riders to ride with good core support and skilled riding posture. This program is designed to train riders to ride well and treat and manage back pain.