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Exercises For Horseback Riding

Training The Core Muscles for Horse Riders

Riding is unlike any other sport. Exercises for horseback riding will train symmetry and posture strength.


It is essential for a horse rider to think of them as an athlete. Every athlete requires fitness training. A horse rider is a unique athlete, one that requires specific training, unlike any other sport. Strength and control in the core abdominal muscles are a must for every rider. The core muscles are the key to great riding. Exercises for horseback riding need to focus on this muscle group.

 Training your riding muscles specifically WILL make you a better rider. 

I am a Physiotherapist, I am a Pilates instructor and have competed at high levels of competition. My combined knowledge offers a very direct approach with a wealth of knowledge not available in other materials. The horse and rider are a team.

The exercises need to be targeted and specific.

With my Applied Posture Riding Membership Program, you will gain control of your horse riding posture in your riding and have a better understanding of your body and how to apply it in the saddle.

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Annette Willson. Remember to look at yourself before you blame your horse.