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Do you Have A  Problem With Your Core Strength When You Ride?  

Do you Have A  Problem With Your Core Strength When You Ride?  

When I was learning to ride we did not have access to Riding Instructors. We did not have access to the internet, we only had “The Hoofs and Horns” magazine. I taught myself to ride by watching top riders at all the events we went to. I taught myself to ride with a good solid balanced lower leg. I taught myself to ride with a strong core and upright position and soft hands. 

When I was injured I had to do it all again. Like riding instructors, treatment was scarce. In those days, treatment was surgery or nothing. My surgeon told me to “Give up Riding” “Give up my Teachers Course and stop all exercise”. I found I had to teach myself how to manage my pain and I had to rehabilitate myself back to riding. Giving up was not an option.

I decided Physiotherapy was the best course I could do for myself and to learn more about the body.

With this new knowledge, I taught myself how to use my core. I taught myself to ride again with my back injury.

I was asked so many times “How do you sit up and so still when you ride?”. 

  • Can you give me a set of exercises for my core?
  • Can you give me some advice on riding with my back injury?
  • Can you look at my pictures and give me some exercises to straighten up?

I was repeating my self so often I decided to put it all into a riding course. This is now followed by 100s or riders around the world. Many riders do Pilates, but Pilates does not transfer core strength to core use in the saddle. Pilates trains in a “neutral spine”. Riders need to use their core on a “non-neutral spine”. Personal trainers have great exercises, but these are not movement patterns, and the term “no pain no gain” can be dangerous. Pain is a signal, not a challenge.  As a Physiotherapist, I know the difference. I can start your training now.

If you are sick of being told to tighten your core and you want to learn “how to”, then have a look at my Applied Posture Riding Membership Program. 

I will show you how to engage your core and teach you my famous Movement Pattern “The Core Crunch”, plus so much more

The next step is yours!

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