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The best Horse Riding Exercises I have Done! Hi Annette, Really loving all the stuff you have sent me. Yesterday I made out it was summer and rode my horse for 20 minutes in the hail. The effects of your exercises have been immediate and I am sure my horse didnt know who I was, Thankyou. This is exactly what I needed to help with my riding. Just wish I lived closer for lessons now. I am also pleasantly surprised to find out how big my horses canter stride really is and so much smoother than I remember, yeah , I was meant to be walking but the temptation got the better of me. Thanks again, Rebecca.
Equestrian Pilates for back pain. Hi Annette, I just wanted to pass on my congratulations and thanks for a fantastic program that is easy to understand and follow. I have only been using the program for a couple of weeks and have noticed a huge improvement in my riding and in my horse. Not only that my posture is much better and I have also managed to decrease the amount of shoulder and back pain I suffer from on a daily basis. I am really looking forward to my next dressage lesson, I think my instructor will be pleasantly surprised.
Hi Annette I rode up to 3de event level and was very fit and capable .I gave up for about 10 years. I got back into riding and found I just didn't have the confidence to ride again. My balance was off and I was tense I started the floor program and I have been doing the rider movement patterns on the ball. I use the OOv and this made a huge difference to my strength. My biggest discovery was how crooked and one sided I had become. This program was the only program that made sense to me. I just love it.
Jane w SA
Improving the horse riding posture with horse rider exercises. Hi Annette,May 2011I recently purchased your fantastic posture riding program. I have just watched both dvds and have started with the exercises and loving it. This is something that I have been wanting for years – like 35 years ago when I first began riding, but, thankfully I have come across this valuable knowledge that you are sharing now and I cannot thank you enough – better late than never…..!! I look forward to enjoying my horses even more than I already do – and I’m sure they will be much happier as well with a more balanced rider. As well as wanting to thank you, my other reason for this email is to ask that if it is not an inconvenience, would it be possible to get a detailed receipt of my purchase? I have the hicaps receipt, but as a Remedial Massage Therapist, your dvds are also very helpful for me to be able to help my clients even more, so with an itemized receipt I could then claim this purchase as a tax deduction through my business.. My name is Maureen Thank you again Kind Regards Maureen
Equestrian Pilates after childbirth. “CHANGED HER LIFE AS A RIDER” Dear Annette, Thank you for putting together the applied posture riding program. It has been the answer to my prayers in so many ways. When getting back into riding after having my son no matter what I tried I couldn’t regain core strength, balance and security in the saddle. I tried all types of exercise and traditional pilates but found nothing worked. Additionally, most pilates books don’t explain the techniques well. I’d said to my husband many times I need an exercise that simulates riding a horse that I can do all day. Two weeks later I saw your tiny advertisement in Horse Deals, visited your website and thought it was worth a go. Well, your program was the best money I ever spent. Since starting the program in May my riding has improved in leaps and bounds. I have a really big moving horse, which is great to watch but not easy to ride. I can now sit in harmony with my horse (he is very grateful for this and sends his many thanks). It doesn’t matter how big the trot I just sit. In fact the quality of his paces has improved as a result of my riding improving. The accuracy of our tests has improved because I can focus on riding not trying to hang on! There are so many great things about your program. First, you can literally LIVE on the ball. I have one at home and one at work which is fantastic because I can be doing exercise all day that simulates riding. Second, the way you describe the exercises is simple and easy to apply. Third, transferring things from ball to horse is a natural progression. So for anyone who only has 1 or 2 horses in work and has an office job this is ideal because you can literally be riding all day! In general my overall strength has improved significantly over the last 6 months. I’d had a shoulder problem for the last 6 years and nothing seemed to give relief. Since starting the ball exercises the improvement has been amazing. It’s not completely better yet but it’s getting there. I haven’t had to take any pain killers for over 4 months. This was a problem I thought I was just going to have to live with for the rest of my life. Over the last few months I’ve been received compliments from judges on how much my riding has improved. Many of whom have asked what I’ve done. (I know couples have ordered ball and book since). Also, I attended a few clinics recently and all 3 instructors could not get over the improvement in my riding and subsequently the way my horse was going. They were desperate to know what I’d done. Of course I’ve been telling everyone about the book and ball. I just love it and can’t speak highly enough of it. You can probably tell once I start talking about it I can’t stop. I simply LIVE on the ball now and love it. Anyone who wants to improve their posture and riding should seriously look at this program. You can spend a fortune in this industry on saddles, gimmicks and clinics to try to improve your riding. But there is one simple, cost effective solution Applied Posture riding. If someone is truly committed to spending limited time every day doing the exercises the benefits they will see and feel will be enormous. Daniel
Dear Annette I have been looking for something to clarify what all my instructors are trying to say. This book explains HOW to sit up straight and maintain this position. The wording easily works through the process of using your muscles to be effective with your aids. The ball exercises are so relevant to riding I can’t believe how simple it is. I recommend this book to all riders. Kelly. WA
Kelly WA