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Weight: 100.00g
Dimensions: 10.00cm x 6.00cm x 2.00cm

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Select Size and Colour:
Black Medium Fit 28-32 cm upper arm circumference at the top
Black XLarge Fit arm 31-36 cm upper arm circumference at the top
White Large Fit arm 30-35cm upper arm circumference at the top
White Medium Fit 28-32 cm upper arm circumference at the top

    UV Sun Smart Arm Sleeves  Color: White 0r Black, UV Protection over 98%. 

    sun sleeve websizeUV Sun Smart Arm Sleeves  Color: White and Black, UV Protection over 98%. Perfect for riding outdoors with a T-shirt. Pull-on while in the sun and remove once you are out of the 

    UV Protection for various outdoor activities such as riding, golf, tennis, fishing, gardening, jogging, or driving etc. Material:100% Polyester. Hand wash with clear water only and dry in shade Don't soak in washing powder or bleach.

    Available in:

    Large White size. Length: at rest (no stretch) 45 cm, Top Width: about 14cm, Bottom Width: about 10.5cm Will fit arms 30-35cm circumference at the top.

    Medium White Fit Upper arm circumference 28cm-32cm.

    Only available in (XLarge Black )size. Length: at rest (no stretch) 47 cm, Top Width: about 14.5cm, Bottom Width: about 11.5cm Will fit arms 31-36cm circumference at the top.

    Medium Black

    Quantity: 1 Pair

    Be UV aware Extract from Cancer Council Australia Be extra cautious in the middle of the day when UV levels are most intense. The SunSmart UV Index tells you the time period in which you need to be SunSmart. It is on the weather page of most daily newspapers. Check your skin regularly and see a doctor if you notice any unusual skin changes.

    If you have a lesion that doesn’t heal or a mole that has suddenly appeared, changed in size, thickness, shape, color or has started to bleed, see your doctor immediately. Treatment is more likely to be successful if skin cancer is discovered early.

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