Product Code: 1027
Availability: 3
Weight: 1,900.00g
Dimensions: 50.00cm x 22.00cm x 22.00cm

Price: $385.00
Ex GST: $350.00

    The Neck Weight Pad can be sold as a stand-alone product (without the weight boots).

    The best result comes from applying the weight to the whole biomechanical movement pattern rather than just the neck or just the hind legs.

    This product is just the Neck Weight pad and accessories.

    You need to buy the steel bar weights independently.

    You will receive instructions on what to buy with the package.

    You will need to purchase:

    4x 30cm diameter by 20cm long filed off  smooth at each end (1.1kg each)

    2x 20cm diameter by 20cm long filed off smooth at each end (weight 500g)

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