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Weight: 450.00g
Dimensions: 30.00cm x 25.00cm x 20.00cm

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Select a collar weight:

    The Collar weight is ideal for small horses and ponies to do strength training with.

    The Collar will be posted empty.

    You can weigh sand and funnel it into each pocket making sure the weight is symmetrical.

    Start with about 250g in each pocket and slowly build the weight in intervals.

    The training is done at the walk ONLY. You must have one day with no weight training.

    You can lead your horse and work in hand or lunge or even ride with the neck collar on.( At the WALK ONLY )

    Do not do any "on the bit work" while wearing the collar.

    Start with 20mins 5 days a week.

    Monitor your horses' reactions.

    Any head tossing or avoiding the weight by holding their head too low are signs of stress or discomfort.

    Increase the weight every  3-4 weeks 

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