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Weight: 600.00g
Dimensions: 25.00cm x 15.00cm x 10.00cm

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    This is a new product tested with good clinical and functional results.

    The belt has not undergone evidence research-based testing.  

    The Human version of the Core Sensory belt has provided excellent results with people reporting greater feeling and activation of their core muscle. Many report the sensation lasts after taking the belt off. 

     Core belt only web 1The Equine Core Sensory Belt has a wide band of elastic that wraps under the belly and attaches to a fixed not elastic strap that folds over the horse's back. 

    It can be applied with the horse naked, over a saddle cloth, under a saddle.

    Start with the belt loose and allow your horse to adapt to the feeling.

    Apply 5 days a week at most, start 20-30mins a day.

    Can be used at all paces and can be used while riding.

    If your horse kicks, tails wings bucks, etc take off or reset at a much looser fit.


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