Applied Posture Riding

Applied Posture Riding
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Applied Posture Riding Core Sensory Belt

Limited sizes left. 
Anybody can wear this belt to aid your core function.
Please note the tourmaline material does generate heat, wear it over clothes.

$41.80 Ex GST: $38.00

Applied Posture Riding Air Step Saddle Pad

High impact absorbing air cells for even distribution of rider pressure.

The Pad extends beyond each end of the saddle for even distribution.


$108.90 Ex GST: $99.00

APR Core Support Suede Seat Breeches

Suede is not in fashion so I am selling all Suede breeches

High Waist, Wide Waist, Inner Core and Back Support Waistband

Lightweight microfiber fabric, 280g full stretch suede seat. 

The most comfortable breeches you will ride in!


$55.00 Ex GST: $50.00

Applied Posture Riding Core Support Silicone Seat Jodhpurs

Knitting fabric, 420g full stretch silicone print seat. 

Black only with grey silicone print seat.

Limited Stock left.

+ Postage 


$132.00 Ex GST: $120.00

Applied Posture Riding The Fundamentals Of Riding E-Book

This is the APR program in an E-Book format only.

 $99 (inc GST) 

For Full Details Of This program

After payment is complete, you will receive an email with the download instructions. Make sure you check your spam folders.!

$99.00 Ex GST: $90.00

- +
Applied Posture Riding Book

1st Edition Applied Posture Riding Hardcover Book.

Hardcover full colour, 80 pages text photos, and diagrams.


$27.50 Ex GST: $25.00

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Equestrian Helmet Sun Sombrero

Pull-on Helmet Sun Sombrero for Horse Riders

For sun smart riders. Made by APR.

Pull-on when you ride remove when you finish.


$39.60 Ex GST: $36.00

- +
APR Topline Strength Training System

Full Training System

Warning! ONLY to be done at the Walk.

Postage within Australia $48 (the package weights approx 11kg)

$363.00 Ex GST: $330.00

APR Hind Leg Weight Boots

Introductory price $165 (in GST) ( reduced from $187 inc GST)

Plus a Training Program Guideline  (Download)

Warning! ONLY to be done at the Walk.

Postage within Australia $21

$165.00 Ex GST: $150.00