Rider Video Assessment

stand exWould you like a posture assessment of your riding?

This is a new service I am offering riders. If you send me a short video of yourself riding at home or in a competition and describe to me your problems as a rider.I can load the video into my software and assess your riding skills in slow motion. 

You will be able to view the feedback of yourself via a private online link which only you will have access to.

This is a simple way to connect and give feedback to you about your riding.

This is a video I did of myself as an example

This is a great way for me to assess your riding posture and give you feedback.
All you need to do is record your riding on your phone or camera, put it on a USB stick and post it to me.
I would also like a number of still photos of you. This way I can examine your posture both in motion and statically.
I can send it back to you the same way as well as discuss your posture via a link online.
Go to the shop to purchase this product.  Purchase Price $120 (+ GST for Australian residents only, postage free)