How To Buy The Applied Posture Riding Program

The "Applied Posture Riding" Program is available in three formats,

I  have three different entry points and three different prices. You only need to choose one of these formats.

1. The Applied Posture Riding E-Book  (Manual) Only.

If you are on a budget and are happy to learn through reading and pictures then you have the option to buy the

"Applied Posture Riding" E-Book (manual) as a stand-alone learning manual. 

Once payment is complete you can download the E-Book as a PDF document. I offer full support via email to answer any questions.

 The purchase price is AU $102.30 (incl GST for Australian residents only)



2. USB Stick ( Part 1 Videos and E-Book Manual). 

If you prefer to read and watch videos then this is a better format for you to learn from. You will receive a USB stick loaded with the E-Book (manual) and all the accompanying videos that complement the manual.  The Ebook is complimented with all the lessons on video. Just plug the USB stick into your computer download the Ebook and then read and watch the videos step by step at your own pace.

The purchase price is AU$275.00.(GST is incl for Australian Residents only, free postage).



3. The Ultimate Learning Experience is in the Membership Mentoring  Program.

Once you become an Applied Posture Riding Member you will have access to the program via a membership login. This mentoring program is the complete package offering step by step lessons from unmounted to applying your new skills in the saddle. The membership program includes the Ebook, all the videos, and a lot more content to enhance your learning.

As a member you get.
  • The E-Book manual included.
  • All the Videos included.
  • The bonus education about posture and training included.
  • The rider videos transferring the training to the saddle.
  • Bonus videos about common rider problems.
  • The rider riding lessons (Part 2) (Not on the USB stick)
  • Videos on how to fix common problems.
  • I will be continuing to add dressage and jump lessons and young horse training lessons.
  • I will also continue to add videos and info about injury and rehabilitation.
  • The first 16 weeks I will drip feed access so ensure riders keep up and don't fast forward too quickly.
  • Every two weeks you will have access to the next sequence.
  • After Part 1and 2 have been established I will provide ongoing videos and support to continue your training.
  • You can contact me and ask any questions.
  • I am always available to teach and help I love what I do And I love the result riders have.
  • You can unsubscribe at any time and drop out.
  • The Ebook will remain yours but the videos are only viewed on the site.
  • I hope this is clear, so in a nutshell, you can get started for under $59.
  • If you have any more qs just ask.
  • You can join via this link, scroll to the bottom of the page to see the join now button.  
  • Join The Membership Program Here and find out all the details of the program

 I am certain I can change the way you ride, if you want to discuss anything please contact me, I am happy to answer any questions.