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Ponease Australia ULC Maintenance

Ponease Australia ULC Maintenance is approved for the Australian market

Update on the supply of Ponease Australia ULC Maintenance. I have a small amount in stock atm. A pallet is in transit, due to arrive in July! A dramatic increase in air freight has forced me to creep prices up.  Please bear with me on this. 

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Only available in a 5 Litre bottle $280 (inc GST). What’s more the price is set by the parent company.

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Ponease ULC Maintenance is an imported equine supplement your horse can eat, designed to support a healthy and comfortable gut/digestive system which can lead to good overall health, giving you back a happy horse.

A blend of herbs and other ingredients (see the full list below) are mixed to keep a healthy and comfortable gut/digestive system. Furthermore feeding Ponease Maintenance can lead to a good coat, top line, and overall health.

Finally, Ponease maintenance is suitably gentle for foals and older horses.

Feeding Directions Ponease ULC Maintenance 

Ponease Australia MaintenanceFeed both ponies and horses 50ml in the morning before feeding and/or before riding.

Your horse can lick it, or eat it using a small amount of chaff as a base.

Ponease maintenance can be added directly to a small handful of feed preferably lucerne or molasses-free chaff.

Chopped carrots work well.

When worming stop for 24 hours before and 72 hours after.

Store in a cool dry place. Keep out of direct sunlight.

Keep out of reach of children.

5 litres of ULC Maintenance and should last approximately 100 days if used once daily.

This is a Nutritional supplement for inclusion in horse feed. This product has no therapeutic effect.

May be used to supplement diets where levels may be low.

This product does not contain restricted animal material.

Approved by the IEC, NOPs tested, does not contain banned substances, FEI & Jockey Club Rules compliant, competition safe.

Shake well before use.

It is recommended to start with Ponease UCL FX, buy here.

For further details and questions about this product please refer to the parent company.

Ponease Australia


SHAKE WELL before use.

Use within 6 months of opening and 12 months of the batch date.

Ponease LTD




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Statement from Ponease 25/06/2024

Hello, Followers!
We’d like to clarify a few points regarding our product, Ponease. important to note that Ponease is regulated in every country where it is sold. We have completed months of paperwork and testing with various agriculture boards to obtain approval for sale in each region. Moreover, all our ingredients are tested for compliance with NOPs, IEC, FEI, and jockey rules.
Our products, website and social media is monitored by the VMD and Stormont medical authorities.
All our ingredients undergo HACCP certification, ensuring they come from regulated factories. Each country we enter requires ingredient approval by government or agricultural boards to confirm safe sourcing.
Our journey to this point has involved years of research and rigorous testing to make sure our ingredients are safe and only come from approved factories. Ponease is not classified as a registered medicine, we are prohibited from making any medical claims. The VMD do not allow supplement websites and social media platforms to have any medical claims. Next week, I will have a confirmation letter explaining why we cannot share our research, despite our strong desire to do so.
Ingredients include slippery elm, bentonite, ginseng, agnus castus, marshmallow root, peppermint, rock mineral powder, purified H2O, with specific nutritional contents such as Crude Protein (10%), Crude Oil (1%), Crude Fibre (14%), Crude Ash (32%), Calcium (12%), Phosphorus, Sodium (0%), and Magnesium (0.5%). (changes slightly per product but it’s in our website)
These ingredients are prepared and cooked at specific temperatures to release their beneficial properties. Afterward, the mixture undergoes a precise steaming process and is allowed to rest and set over a designated period. Finally, the prepared mixture is combined with our unique specialty base, resulting in a well-balanced concoction that is both effective and functional. Contrary to some misconceptions, there is a lot more to our process than just mixing ingredients together and sending them out.
Thank you!



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