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Topline Strength Training System For Horses

My Topline Strength Training System designed by APR is a unique world-first strength training system using weights to load muscles to build strength through the core muscles and the top line of horses.

The design of the product is based on Physiotherapy strength training science. The concept of loading a muscle is proven to build muscle fibers and increase strength power and bulk. This in turn improves the function of the muscle contributing to better performance and health of any athlete including the horse.

Specific designed weights are applied to the moving parts of the horse to load the muscles to build strength. The program guides you through a 12-week time frame, applying interval training. As strength builds the weight load is increased to promote further muscle growth.

As your horse builds a stronger core and topline, balance will improve. As muscles become stronger training for your discipline can progress with correctness and safety.

This program does not force your horse into a frame or a posture that may harm. The strength building is natural and progressive as it is when training human athletes.

A strong core and topline support the spine. Kissing spine is a well-known problem in horses and strength training is the most important rehab process. This system is ideal for Kissing spine rehab.

The Full Package Includes:

1. Neck Weight Pad lined with grip stop rubber and internal padding.

The side pockets are lined to protect the horse’s neck from the steel bars.

2. 4x Rope stabilizers

3. Monkey strap

5. 4x  Thick steel weight bars

6. 2x Thin steel weight bars

7. Hind leg weight boots.

8. 12x Steel weight bars for the boots.

9. Weight training program guidelines as a download.


I presented this product to an audience at Equitana 2022. Use this link to view the presentation.

Red and Infra Red Light Therapy is also evidence-based to boost muscle strength training. To gather more education about Red and Infrared Light Therapy use this link.


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