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How To Ride A Horse

How To Ride A Horse is one of the most used phrases in google, as a keyword.

Horse riding is one of the most popular recreational activities on the planet, and everybody involved loves the sport, the animal, and the pleasure it brings. It is certainly one of the most popular competitive sports as well. Unfortunately, horse riding has also been listed as one of the most dangerous sports as well.

There is a very high risk of injury and certainly a risk of death. It was reported not long ago that horses kill more people than any other animal in the world. As an experienced horse person I can believe this I have witnessed it and as a consequence.

I teach riders to ride and achieve the best horse riding posture they can. New regulations in Australia in recent years with the need to have a PIC number and register horses like dogs has revealed an exponential number of recreational horse owners than expected. The number of horse riders riding just for fun, entertainment, and exercise is enormous.

Over 300,000 in Queensland alone. This is why the phrase How to Ride a horse is such a used keyword. The horse riding posture is another keyword well used. Many riders turn to books, the internet youtube videos, and of course riding schools and riding instructors. The horse and rider are a team and need to be trained as a team but the individual problems each has, need to be addressed separately. The horse riding posture is a unique movement pattern and must be taught out of the saddle as well as in the saddle.

How to ride a horse.

How to Ride a Horse is not an easy topic to write about or video. It definitely requires one one-on-one help as well as learning the basic physical requirements. This is where my program Applied Posture Riding is of such benefit to new riders. Horse riding exercises specifically for horse riding are a definite must to get your body into shape to ride. Many people who don’t ride and have never been on a horse think riding is easy until they hit the saddle. Even just walking for half an hour creates aches and pains in muscles riders didn’t know they had. So if you want to get into the sport of horse riding then I advise you to follow a few steps.

The Six Most Important Steps to How To Ride a Horse.

1.  Find a mentor. Do some research on local riding schools and riding instructors. It is important to ask others about the services and people you choose. Not everyone is ethical I’m afraid. The horse riding industry is not always truthful, be aware of scammers.

2. Watch videos and observe riders around you at, every opportunity. This is one of the methods I used to get to a very high level of competition. I watched every rider I could and I learned as much as I could just seeing what they did and how they did it. I taught myself some horse-riding exercises even as an amateur. My posture was poor and I was the only one to change it.

3. Learn about the muscles and movement patterns used for horse riding. My Applied Posture Riding Membership Program is one of the most complete and detailed programs available. It is also a good idea to follow someone who knows HOW and can teach you.

4. Practice riding with a friend or trail riding or under instruction as often as possible. It is amazing how this is so important. Ride many different horses (they must be safe and quiet, though). 

5. Go to horse competitions and watch, learn, and speak to riders. This is great for networking and can lead to many opportunities. One of the girls riding under me did just this.

6. Get yourself physically fit supple and flexible

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Good luck and enjoy your riding. Remember to look at yourself before you blame the horse.

Annette Willson

How to ride a horse does not have to be that complicated.