Core Exercises For The Horse Rider

Horse riding coaches are recommending core strength training for all horse riders. The topic "how to ride a horse" must include posture education and core training. Pilates can help but Pilates classes will not always teach a horse rider how to use their core in the saddle. Pilates does not teach riders how to use their core outside or "Neutral Spine".

There are many exercises that will strengthen the core. A large number of core strengthening exercises can be done at home with no equipment while some require the use of equipment and gadgets.

As a Functional Core Stability coach, I teach the core crunch, this is a very important core exercise for the horse rider. I have listed some of the easy core exercises here but if you are interested in the whole program to look at Applied Posture Riding

Try this simple Core Exercise To get You started.

 stool core in  Sit on a high chair and spread your legs wide. Put your hands on your hips and sit tall. Gently blow out with stool core outyour breath and as you do, draw your belly button in tight towards your spine.

Hold for a few seconds and then let it relax as you breathe in through your nose. This is one of eighteen simple movement patterns I teach to train your core. By having your legs wide your pelvis will be in a vertical position and put the core muscle in the best position to work.

 You can also get on the floor on all fours and practice the same core crunch.In this position, the core muscle is anti-gravity and has maximum recruitment and the mind can control the force of the contraction in the best position.Make sure you feel the contraction and control the tightness of the core muscle.

 Every horse rider must learn the core crunch and then learn how to use it during any movement or posture change. Core strength exercises don't need fancy equipment or gym equipment or even a ball, the floor a piece of resistance band or some bean cans as weights are all that is needed.

Core Exercises for The Horse Rider

As a horse rider, though, it is important to be able to use the core in the saddle for strength, balance, stability, and skill. The core exercises out of the saddle aim to strengthen the core, but it is also important to train the core using specific movement patterns used in the saddle.

Stretches are a must and so is protecting and controlling back pain.

If you want more information on these topics, have a look at Applied Posture Riding. This Pilates-based exercises program is a great simple program to teach riders how to ride using exercises that are horse rider specific.

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Good luck and enjoy your riding. Annette Willson Remember to do your core exercises.