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Common Rider Problems

Horse riders seem to complain of similar problems.

The skills we require are the same for all of us.

The muscles and movement patterns for horse riding are also the same for all of us.

The difference is we all have individual muscle imbalances and individual joint changes.

We all have individual lifestyles and injuries and so on.

We all want to ride well, this we have in common.

The way we train for riding is the same for all of us, however, the starting point for each of us is individual and the exercises we do are also individual. The movement patterns and training routine is the same.

Have a look at the following videos, you may well relate to one or all of them. If you have a riding posture problem then look at changing it. It is a matter of knowing how and then changing the way you train for a better outcome.

All of the problems riders have can be changed so if you want to change your riding and solve your problem then have a look at my                        Applied Posture Riding Membership Program.  Spend less than the cost of a riding lesson a month. Less than a massage a month less than a physio appointment and so much less than a gym membership.