Self-Massage Neck Tool This is a gadget to help massage your neck to prevent tension build up and headaches. + Postage.. Product #: 1015 based on 0 reviews Regular price: $20.00 $20.00 20

Self-Massage Neck Tool

Product Code: 1015
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Weight: 200.00g
Dimensions: 20.00cm x 15.00cm x 4.00cm

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Neck pain builds up and can become severe and turn into headaches.

  • This neck massager allows you to spot pain quickly
  • Treat your neck yourself
  • Releases muscle tension immediately
  • Finds the sore spots and treats them
  • Moves your joints similar to a treatment
  • You can use it on mutilpe spots at once
  •  Is safe
  • It can prevent tension build up
  • Ideal to use daily
  •  Ideal to take to events to use on the spot
  • Ideal to take with you when traveling to prevent neck pain


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