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Mini Lumbar Back Support

Product Code: 1009
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Weight: 240.00g
Dimensions: 20.00cm x 18.00cm x 5.00cm

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This is a great brace for support while working and riding.


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This is a mini brace and is ideal for riders who need support through their back, but don't require a full Back Brace.

Made from Tourmaline so if you have an allergy to rubber be careful

  • Supports your spine
  • Supports your abdominals
  • Protects your back
  • Provides pain control for your back
  • Easy to wear
  • Great to ride and work with it on
  • Easy to wash
  • Use  for support and protection and mild pain control

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This brace is only 14.5 cm wide at the rear segment compared to 21 cm wide for the Lumbar Back Brace.

If you suffer strong pain or are prone to your back "going out" then I would suggest the Lumbar Back Brace.





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