What Does The Horse Rider Spend Their Money On?

I have just returned from Equitana in Melbourne. For those uninformed, Equitana is a 4-day event of shopping, presentations, lecture, competitions displays and anything and everything on display related to the equine world.

My question to all.
Is how do you spend your money and time at an event like this.?

The choice of riding attire was endless, ranging from very expensive to less expensive, not much is cheap in the horse world. No area was missed. The little stand selling sports bras and underwear made a fortune, as did the stand selling socks and special makeup. A specialized T-shirt and embroidery stand was jammed with people.

Saddles and gadgets and bridles and anything you can think of and not know of were there to buy. Horse boots, bandages, shoeing gear, rugs, bibs, even overseas horse riding holidays. Massage units, massage tools, medical pain reliving equipment and educational DVDs were all selling in volumes.

I was busy watching dressage and jumping demonstrations. I also attended as many lectures as I could fit in. I spoke to numerous stall owners about their products. I came away with new information, I was able to reinforce other knowledge I have and I also questioned some of the “expert” information given. I am not a blind faithful follower.

The most intriguing thing for me was the number of new products available to the horse rider

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Bling was everywhere and very expensive, for all disciplines.

New stable designs, new plastic show jumping poles, new show jump wings and plastic feed bins were very popularly. These light weight wings and poles I thought were particularly smart to help save injury from the heavy lifting of equipment. If you wanted to spend much more money you could buy paddock cleaners, these are vacuum cleaners and blowers for small yards and paddocks to pick up manure. A great idea for busy stables.

Floats and trucks have certainly become a luxury. These also come with a price tag. Not to forget a vehicle to tow them and a shed to house them.

As a professional with a niche product, I witness all of this and wonder what it is that drives the horse person. A lady was prepared to spend $7500 on a massage unit for her and her horse but not $127 or a professional program to train her to be a better rider and hence in many cases stop her horses back pain.

I listened to expert saddle fitters, I totally believe in this topic and certainly your saddle should fit well.

He talked about having it refitted every 6 months ($150) because most riders are not balanced and cause the horse and saddle to compensate. I spoke to him about my  program.. without even looking at it he dismissed it…but thought it was a good idea. I would hope he would recommend it to his clients.

I listened to a talk on bits and another talk on neck and back pain in horses. Both presenters talked about the rider contributing to the problem the horse suffers. Neither suggested the rider should look at their own riding skills and balance.

The best talk I sat through was fitness for the rider, an inspiring and very knowledgeable talk. No one person followed up on further information after the presentation. I know this because I did. This lady also finds it very frustrating that the rider, and fitness and learning how to ride well out of the saddle is so neglected but so needed.

I believe in all areas being covered. The right horse, feed well and kept healthily.  Correct shoeing or foot care. Correct saddle fitting and a soft bit or bit less bridle. I recommend you choose your riding attire to suit your budget not necessary the crowd.

I also believe the horse will only ever go as well as the rider rides him. If you want to learn how to balance and strengthen  your own riding posture and work on fixing your common problems then look at Applied Posture Riding. This program has helped so many riders achieve their riding goals and dreams AND saved them $1000 along the way.

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Good Luck

Annette Willson