The Lumbar Back Brace For Horse Riders

A back brace works by supporting the core muscles. The brace will stabilize the lumbar spinal joints and provide pain relief. You can combine horse riding exercises with the back brace at the same time. With pain relief and a good stretching and strengthening program back pain can be managed very well. Training the core for strength and endurance is the be all end all. The core must be strong for back pain relief.

Lumbar Back Support for horse riders

Lumbar Back Support for horse riders

The typical horse rider has back pain due to stiffness and trauma from jarring and lifting. Many just put up with it until it actually cripples them.

Unless the pain is from a serious mechanical problem then it can we be managed with exercises and a back brace? I used to wear a back brace every day when I was recovering from a disc injury. The brace helped me ride while I healed. I did do all the Applied Posture Riding exercises, though. The combination kept me moving and allowed me to ride with less pain and less damage.

The Core Muscles

The Core Muscles

If you suffer back pain and want more information just contact me.I sell these back braces from my physiotherapy practice and I also  recommend the Applied Posture Riding program for horse riders. If you decide this is for you I can arrange payment and postage via Paypal or other.

I do have a Pure Pilates and Pain management DVD I sell via my work to all my back pain patients and especially my work cover patients.I get very cross when I hear people won’t use a back brace for fear of becoming addicted. This is bulldust. I have sold many of these and every person had said what a godsend it is to have pain relief and be able to keep moving.Decide for yourself.

Give me a call or email and have a chat. I love this topic, I am good at it, I have suffered the same and I love seeing people succeed. I was told to never ride again, well I did, I am, and I’m’ fine.

I get emails often from riders with back pain being told by their doctors to never ride again and choose another sport. We all know that is not possible. But it is important to be sensible and allow your body to heal.

Contact me and I will do my best to help you over the net or phone or in person.

Good luck and enjoy your riding .

Annette Willson

Remember to always look at yourself before you blame the horse.

Annette Willson author "Applied Posture Riding"

Annette Willson author “Applied Posture Riding”


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