Lumbar Back Brace For Horse Riders

If you suffer back pain from an Injury then  a Back Brace is essential for pain control and core retraining.

Protect Your Back While You Ride and Look After Your Horse

Lumbar Back Brace For Horse Riders

Lumbar Back Brace For Horse Riders

So many horse riders suffer with back pain, it is very common among horse riders and many just put up with it.

As a Physiotherapist and a back pain manager,(I have had 2 disc injury’s) I wear a brace and I prescribe them to many of my back pain patients.

There are various ways to manage back pain, pain medication, exercises, treatment, and a back brace.

The back brace is a quick solution for horse riders to put on and get some support to give them pain relief.It is also important to understand the mechanism of spinal injury’s.

Most back injury’s are a result of micro repetitive traumas such as lifting.The spinal discs are damaged over and over with heavy lifting, jarring, twisting as a result of our daily work and sport. Looking after a horse involves  all of  these movements. Riding is often damaging for many riders, the jarring action of the horses paces cause trauma. Pain  from the back will inhibit the core and a pain stiffness cycle is set up. This slowly affects your riding skills, balance and confidence. Sadly many horse riders give up.

Many riders are told to stop riding by their Dr. or Physio. I understand  riding and horses and I know about the spine and how it works. Not all advise is correct and I have helped many exasperated riders keep riding or get back to riding with back injuries.

Please contact me if you have a serious injury for medical advise as a horse rider.

Lumbar Back Brace For Back Pain in Horse Riders

Wearing a Back Brace Can Keep you Active and Riding!

The Brace will absorb the jarring impact and help support the lower back when horse riding. The footfall of the horse results in an equal and opposite force back through the saddle and through your joints. This force causes jarring in the joints. It cannot be avoided but it can be reduced by using a back brace.

A back brace will help reduce pain.  By reducing the jarring the back pain will become less. It is easily worn and comfortable to keep on when riding.

Back Brace  jpg A back brace can compliment core stability. The abdominal muscles wrap around the lower abdominal area. The back brace wraps around the same line. For riders with weak deep core muscles a back brace can act as a support for the deep muscles and provide support and stability for the lumbar joints. If used in  conjunction with the Applied Posture Riding program the low back support can be built up enormously through exercise and the back brace.

If you buy one of these brace please consider the Applied Posture Riding program for a better and complete management for your riding and your back pain.

  • Small   73cm-83cm     
  • Medium  83cm-96cm
  • Large 96cm-109cm
  • XLarge 109cm- 124cm
  • XXLarge 124cm- 137cm

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Lumbar Back Brace for Back Pain in Horse Riders

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Applied Posture Riding has  become very popular around the world. If you want more information and to purchase this unique program go to the home page.

Good luck and enjoy your riding .

Annette Willson

Remember to always look at yourself before you blame the horse.

Annette Willson author "Applied Posture Riding"

Annette Willson author “Applied Posture Riding”


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