Equestrian Pilates…Core Exercises…Rider Biomechanics

Horse Riding has Been Labelled one of the Most Dangerous Sports on the Planet.

Poor Balance, Poor Core Strength and Confidence Are The Three Areas Riders Skills Can Always Be Improved.

I Teach Riders Balance Strength Flexibility and Riding Skills Confidence Follows

Many riders still believe the only training is in  the saddle…Many believe rider biomechanics and floor exercises are a waste of time.  These are the riders stuck at a level NEVER to move on…Applied Posture Riding is a complete rider education and training program it is not just a few Pilates exercises.

Very few riders are born with the best posture for riding. But every rider can learn how to be the best rider they can be. Many instructors teach riders how to get flexion, bend and impulsion. I teach the rider how to ride…the rest comes naturally.

The riding posture and the muscles used are the same for us all. However our shapes, our height ,our body proportions are different. A tall lean long legged rider will have greater length through their lower leg than a short stocky rider. However the muscles used are the same. So every rider can learn the same patterns, every rider can learn core balance, lower leg stability and strength, independent seat, leg and hand  aids through the same movement  patterns and be the best you can be, as you are.

Applied Posture Riding educates riders about the muscles. The program details how to find and test your own posture, how to strengthen all your posture muscles, how to stretch them and most important it teaches drill patterns to train horse riders HOW to apply independent aids with strength, stability and repeat ability, on every horse. The same principles as in any other sport.

This is more than a few basic Pilates exercises.

Improving your Posture, your Balance and your Strength will give you confidence and improve your riding. Understanding the horse riding posture and rider biomechanics will give you new skills to train for. Identify and correct your own problems and learn all about you….. before you train your horse.

Applied Posture riding program will help you gain greater levels of core strength and a fundamental knowledge of rider biomechanics to teach you how to achieve an independent seat and a more relaxed and responsive horse.

The simple Physiotherapy based tests will allow you to IDENTIFY AND CORRECT your own  muscular imbalances that impede your riding. These tests will allow you to identify joint dysfunction and pain inhibiting movements.

Once you have identified your problems you will be able to ISOLATE AND STRENGTHEN muscles and focus on the core muscle to “retrain” your posture both in and out of the saddle. Once you learn about the rider biomechanics involved in riding you will be able to apply this knowledge to your riding.

The horse rider specific stretches will increase your flexibility through your spine and hips. Your upper back and shoulders will become more stable  and pain free.

Core Exercises For Good Posture

Core Exercises For Good Posture

This is not a fitness program it is a teaching exercise program to train you to ride the best you can. Applied Posture Riding  will show you HOW to test yourself, HOW to FIX yourself as well HOW to apply core stability in the saddle. With a strong core and upright controlled posture you will achieve a deeper stronger well balanced seat. The ultimate skill of all horse riders.

Horse riding is a difficult sport to be successful at. To be a great rider requires, passion, knowledge and training. A rider needs to train their body and mind for riding as well as train their horse to the discipline they want. There are many riding coaches and instructors but very few RIDER coaches. A rider coach has a complete understanding and knowledge of rider biomechanics.The horse is only as good as its rider, I think it is time riders started to look at their rider skills before they spend hours and dollars on training their horse.

Here is a few questions to ponder over. It seems many horse riders suffer the same problems.

Good Posture and Bad Posture

Good Posture and Bad Posture

Is your balance poor in the saddle and do you lack confidence? Do you wobble and move around and upset your horse?

Do you sit upright through all paces?…Are you able are to sit still at the sit trot and canter?

Are you safe and confident when jumping?

Does your instructor keep repeating the same instructions?

Poor skills, poor balance, weakness through the core, lack of confidence and a lack of affordable instruction and many more factors lead to horse riding being one of the most dangerous sports for recreational fun. Horse riding is now statistically more dangerous than motorcycle riding and carries a higher injury rate than many sports.It is also not much fun being scared or injured.

Horse riding is a sport requiring much more education than any ball or field sport. The horse riding posture and skill is much more complicated than many riders acknowledge, until they get into trouble. The muscles required, the movement patterns used and the skill of applying the core muscles and independent limb aids need to be understood and trained.

I believe and witness as a rider coach the training of horse riders is not complete. 

I believe the way riders are taught is wrong in many cases. The way the horse goes is the focus.. NOT the way the rider rides. Riding instructors teach what they are taught and experience, and this is standard. A good rider is not necessarily a good instructor either. I believe the fundamental error is that Horse riders are taught to balance through their seat (first) and not their lower leg. I believe this is wrong!

I teach riders to balance, stabilize and strength their lower leg before they train any other body part. I teach riders HOW TO use their seat for aids and balance and their hands for safety and control not as a weapon or as a balance tool.

Now of course many will say “I learnt that way and I am fine” This is true, many riders are successful having developed their skills in this order. However, the lack of balance through the lower leg is highlighted when riders start performing at higher levels, or have a spooky highly spirited horse or they want to jump or aim for a higher level of competition. The lack of lower leg stability becomes evident in theses cases, the horse starts to behave badly and the rider relies on the reins to stay on. The rider becomes scared and hangs on tighter. This is the cycle I hear of and witness over and over. The result is often a fall or the rider gives up.

The simple training of How To use the lower leg and how to use  a neck strap would save many riders from the above.

The other most common problem is when a rider is returning from an injury or in the case of women, childbirth. The core is weak and the seat will also be very weak. Posture muscle tone is low and confidence is also poor. This is a very dangerous state for a horse rider to be in.  Every horse rider needs to train their posture for riding out of the saddle. Basic fitness is a must as well specific  movement pattern training. This is now search as equestrian Pilates.


It is easy to be balanced at the halt

It is easy to be balanced at the halt

Specific core training and the use of movement patterns to train your lower leg to be strong and  stable will result in your seat  becoming deep and independent and your hands will never be used to hang on with (only in extreme cases). This program is specific equestrian pilates training, different to just Pilates exercises.

The riders use of the reins must be trained as well. Instructors tell horses riders  “Don’t Pull on the reins” “Soften your Hands”. These are common repeated lines.

Very valid but as far as the rider is concerned ….What do they do with their hands?

Part of my method is to teach riders what to do with their hands and to give them direction and an action. With practice the hands become an accessory not a weapon, used to apply stirring, half halts and gentle aids. The riders balance is established through the leg and seat ….not the hands.

Core Exercises For The Horse Rider.

This is now a popular exercise theme for horse riders all over the world. Many are now seeking specialized core exercise programs to help them become better, stronger, more skilled and certainly safer riders.  Riding Instructors are also looking for the same information. Every rider wants knowledge about how they can be better.  Many riders are  seeking professional advice on how to recover from injury and most commonly, back injury. Horse riding exercises are not the specialty of many professionals.

Horse Riding Exercises Designed by a Physiotherapist/Horse Rider

As a Physiotherapist and  an elite horse rider I have combined my knowledge with my skills and have become an expert on the topic of the horse riding posture I advise and train horse riders how to improve their posture, their skills and become better riders.  Whether it be for dressage, jumping, pleasure riding or other, the muscles used are the same. The person using them is different in every case.

Injuries, especially back pain seems to be the biggest debilitating factor for many horse riders. Poor advise from not horsey professionals drives riders insane.  I have suffered from back pain and other injuries myself, I was  told by Drs to never ride again. I have the passion just as all riders do to stay in the sport and never give up. The program I follow myself has kept me riding, it has improved 100s around the world and saved the sanity of many horse riders who where told to never ride again.

The information in this package is valid to every horse rider because the skills required and the end aim is the same for us all. The path we take to get their varies because of who we are and what we do and what injuries we have suffered along the way. This is not an exercise just for riders recovering from injury, horse riding core exercises are  essential  for ALL Horse Riders to become great.

Injury, Back Pain And Poor Posture

Lower back pain doesn't mean stop horse riding!

Lower back pain doesn’t mean stop horse riding!

An injury, back pain and poor posture, especially round shoulders seem to be the main areas horse riders are seeking information for.  These problems lead to poor balance,and a lack of confidence.  If you suffer back pain and have been advised to strengthen your core then you have been advised correctly.  If you have poor posture and poor balance in the saddle and your instructor has recommended you strengthen your posture, your instructor is right.

Core exercises and specific movement patterns for poor posture are the only way a horse rider will improve their riding. However, strength does not guarantee function.

Pilates classes and core exercises do not teach horse riders how to use their core, equestrian Pilates classes are more specific but not offered.. Applied Posture riding will teach you how to strengthen your core, manage your back pain, fix your posture and how to ride with strength, balance, stability and skill. This is a detailed program based around equestrian Pilates.

Back ward tilt of the pelvis in horse riding posture

The Backward Tilt of the Pelvis is a posture fault for the Horse Rider

This program is Specific To Horse Riders… Designed To Educate Horse Riders About The Horse Riding Posture and How To Train Riders To Ride. Produced by me a Physiotherapist, elite rider,Pilates teacher.

I am a Rider Coach, my specialty is educating and training  the rider.

Back pain, fear, weakness, poor balance, and the most common problem

“I don’t know how” can all be changed with knowledge.

Horse riders  don’t know what it is they need, to improve their riding. I hear this often. I picked a mentor for my riding and I was lucky enough to pick a good one. The drawback for me was I had to figure out HOW he rode.Lucky for me I am a Physiotherapist.

A Ruptured Disc is so common in Horse Riders

A Ruptured Disc is so common in Horse Riders

This medical and musculature education is the difference in what exercises I follow and prescribe and what a non professional will give you. No pain no gain is good if the person advising you KNOWS what the pain is!!!

I find it very sad that so many horse riders have followed to advice about their back pain and posture problems from the uninformed and the uneducated. I read this on forums and hear it from riders who contact me in desperation. If you want cheap advice you get cheap advice, if you want professional advice you will get results.

Back pain, poor posture, core weakness all create fear and horse riders want results, now, .”Will it work”. This program is hard to explain why it is so valuable to you as a rider.
The Core is the Key…every Horse Rider Needs To Know How To Train it and Use it in the saddle… many think they are already…many I have seen and tested ARE NOT!
It is interesting to hear horse riders who have bought and followed this program say “why didn’t I start this years ago”.

Horse riding is a very difficult sport for many and much more complicated than the average rider thinks. The horse riding posture is a very difficult skill to acquire and as riders continue to struggle with their riding due to pain, stiffness, injury and poor posture, they never improve and become blocked. Every horse rider suffers some sort of problem that will affect their riding.

Every horse rider needs to train out of the saddle because every rider will have something within their body that needs fixing.

Horse Riding Exercise

Horse Riding Exercise

It may be strength or stiffness and in every rider the problem is the posture out of the saddle. Muscle imbalances around the lower back and pelvis will always block a rider’s seat in the saddle. This is most evident at the canter and the sit trot.
Unless your core has been tested I will tell you now it will be weak or what I call not functioning. This will block you from improving or just even being safe and confident.
A weak core is the problem for all of us.

The core can be trained for riding. The core exercises for horse riding are specific, not all Pilates exercises can train a horse rider for riding.


 Common Posture Problems in Horse Riders

Round Shoulders,weak upper back, weak core, stiff lower back, crooked pelvis, pain in the muscles, age related changes, back pain, headaches, shoulder injuries and so on.

This is Me Before and After I Followed The Program

This is Me Before and After I Followed The Program

A very common problem in riders is weakness in particular posture muscles. A rider will never be able to sit up straight and remain in this beautiful posture until the weakness is solved. This was one of my problems, see the photos here. I was very round shouldered until I started exercising.

The Applied Posture Riding program educates riders to test their own posture and fix their own problem. Every rider will test them selves and discover their own imbalances. The Physiotherapy muscle testing section is unique to this program.

I was very chicken necked until I strengthened the right muscles. I only knew this after becoming a Physiotherapist. The use of a Posture Shoulder Brace can be very useful for some people.

As horse riders we all use the same muscles to ride.
Many riders have a riding coach, but very few have a rider coach.  I am a rider coach.
The horse riding posture is unique and the training of the specific muscle groups and patterns is a specialty.
I train horse riders to ride….Out Of the Saddle and Then in the Saddle.

Disc Pain in Horse Riders

The Lumbar Back Brace For Horse Riders

The Lumbar Back Brace For Horse Riders

Lower Back Disc injury’s and  Back pain are a huge issue with horse  riders. I was injured and told to never ride again. (Many riders I hear from are told this). I practiced all the exercises in the Applied Posture Riding program as well as treatment and a back brace  and I went on to be successful. I get very many emails from riders with back pain, many are following this program with success. I am able to advise and guide riders through their rehab because I have been through it and I am a Physiotherapist.

This is my specialty and I love seeing riders be the best they can.

The Horse is only as good as the rider

The horse riding posture is unlike any other sport. It requires extreme muscle stability , control, endurance, flexibility and strength. Don’t assume you have all of these abilities.

The application of precise seat, leg and hand aids requires a rider to be stable accurate and reproducible. Unlike many sports horse riding is a symmetrical posture, we use both the left and right side or our bodies equally. Unfortunately humans are one sided and so are horses. This use of symmetry and balance needs to be trained. In my program I show you how to identify your weakness (specific tests to follow) and then we use movement patterns to train your body to perform them when needed in the saddle.

The Ideal Riding Posture

The Ideal Riding Posture

The Ideal Riding Posture is explained in many blogs, websites, videos and of course your riding instructor will tell you what it is. The problem is HOW TO GET IT?     HOW TO TRAIN IT!

The quality of horses now is the best it has ever been. Sport horses are bred specific for dressage or show jumping. These horses are superstars and riders are learning that they are so much more difficult to ride. Their paces are huge and the movement of these horses requires a very skilled rider. To be able to ride these horses, well, takes much more core strength and posture control.

Sadly in many cases the horse is pulled back to the riders’ level of skill,instead of the rider riding to horses’ level.

Why have superstar horses if you can’t ride them?

Instructors and riders are now realizing that core training and posture strength exercises are must for every rider to make it to the top.

The Applied Posture Riding will teach you how to test yourself and then how to treat and train you. This detailed horse rider exercise program is a complete program for every rider.

Every single horse rider needs to use and train the same muscles.

Top CompetitorThe elite rider doesn’t need to be taught HOW TO ride but many develop problems with flexibility and stiffness, this affects their riding. (If you test yourself you will find you have  problems!). The elite rider needs to manage the skills they have and NOT allow them to decay due to pain and stiffness.

The novice or beginner rider needs to learn HOW TO train themselves for Horse Riding. In particular how to be stable in the saddle and safe.

The learner rider can train their posture from the beginning and learn how to ride a horse better and not develop bad postures. If a rider learns how to use the lower leg before anything they will progress so much faster than other traditional teaching methods.

The injured Rider needs to retrain the core and gain strength balance and confidence again.The Injured Rider

The nervous rider can build strength and confidence by learning how to use their horse riding posture muscles and movement patterns with confidence. Being safe builds confidence.

The injured rider absolutely needs to train their core, their strength and their skills prior to getting back in the saddle. Pain and injury is the single biggest thing that stops riders returning to their best, and many give up because of a lack of confidence. The Applied Posture Riding program has saved 100s of riders from losing their dream and got them back riding.

Fitness for horseback riders has become a popular topic as is equestrian Pilates, but just doing Pilates classes or fitness classes will NOT teach you HOW TO use your core….. these classes are not sport specific and not enough for the horse rider.

Pilates Classes will NOT teach you HOW TO use your seat legs and hands independently of each other.
So Who Am I ..Annette Willson

 Annette Willson Competing

Annette Willson Competing

Annette Willson Competing

Annette Willson Competing

As well as being a Physiotherapist and Pilates educator, I’ve been a highly successful competitor in eventing and dressage… having competed successfully all the way up to international level and was a member of the South Australian Olympic training squad. I still compete today in show jumping and dressage. I still train horses because it is my passion.I teach as an instructor,I am a rider coach, training riders using my unique techniques backed up by  my physiotherapy knowledge. I sell this program here on the web and I conduct workshops specific to the horse rider.I know the core is the key to becoming the best rider you can become.Every Riding Instructor is now advising riders to strengthen their core. (But do not know how to instruct this) I used my knowledge of physiotherapy to develop a specific group of exercises based on the Pilates concepts … and I applied them to myself and specifically to other horse riders. I became a better rider.Follow us on Facebook for fun and information Applied Posture Riding Facebook Page.

I Went On To Compete Up to International Level in 3 day Eventing!


Let’s look at some common problems horse riders have in their daily lives as well as with their riding.

Is Poor Posture Negatively Affecting Your Riding?

Slumped and Upright Standing Posture

Slumped and Upright Standing Posture

In the picture on the left, you can see the typical slumped over shoulder posture. In the picture on the right you can see a better, more upright posture. Many people, including horse riders, have poor basic standing posture and poor muscle control? This actually gets duplicated in the saddle, stopping riders from achieving a stable, coordinated deep seat.

The Difference Between a Strong Posture and a Weak Posture

The Difference Between a Strong Posture and a Weak Posture

Does your instructor use the following terms over and over each lesson?


  • Look up
  • Shoulders back
  • Relax your back
  • More leg
  • More seat
  • Keep your legs still, keep your body upright
  • Stop bouncing…etc.etc
  • Your crooked..straighten up!

Riding Instructors absolutely are able to identify these problems but Can NOT Help You solve  These Problems!

Riding instructors are not posture specialists. Take a look at these pictures, they are very common rider faults.

This Rider needs lower leg stability training.

This Rider needs lower leg stability training.

Common Riding Posture Problems

Common Riding Posture Problems

If you have problems with your posture, you’re  going to ride  with problems with your posture. In both these photos the rider has no lower leg control!




The Slumped and the Upright Posture

The Slumped and the Upright Posture

A forward head posture is a weakness  and tightness in the neck at different areas. This can cause headaches; neck pain and a head wobble in horse riders… especially at the sit trot.
Round shoulders are due to weak muscles as well. This is why riders are unable to keep their shoulders back.
Tight  muscles result in a slumped posture and round shoulders.
The abdominal muscles are the most important group of muscles for controlling your body’s core stability.
The pelvis and lower back joints MUST be trained to  ride well.
The hamstring muscles are very important and must be trained in certain movement patterns to be a great rider
Keeping the heels down requires certain stretches.
The long back muscles are essential for good horse riding posture.

A good rider has knowledge of their own body and posture.

The Applied Posture Riding program will teach you how to identify and then fix your weaknesses fast.

The transfer of weight from the seat to the stirrup in the rise trot

The transfer of weight from the seat to the stirrup in the rise trot



Is your Lower Leg Solid?

Poor Lower Leg Posture and Function

Poor Lower Leg Posture and Function

Can You Sit Still In The Sit Trot?

Well, the Applied Posture Riding program will teach you how!

It will teach you…

  • How to have an upright, stable position.
  • How to have a strong stable lower leg
  • How to keep your heels down and still in all paces.
  • How to feel the rhythm of the horse.
  • How to move with the horse and NOT bounce.
  • How to maintain a soft, gentle rein contact.
  • How to apply the inside leg independent of other limbs.
  • How to NOT balance on the reins.
  • How to look like an Olympic rider… after you’ve practiced.
  • How to be extremely confident and amazed at your ability.

I guarantee once you follow this new unique way of exercising and training… you’ll identify your own muscle imbalances and more importantly… be able to FIX them

Here’s exactly what you’ll Learn in the  Applied Posture Riding Program

Part 1

  • How to coordinate your breathing by learning Pure Pilates.
  • Why learning the anatomy and function of the horse riding muscles can make you a better rider.
  • How to find, test and train your deep ab muscles for posture control.
  • How to isolate specific riding muscles and test their strength and length.
  • How to strengthen individual muscles specific for riding.
  • How to coordinate muscle groups used in riding.
  • Why learning the muscle groups and their use in riding is important.
  • Discover specific movement patterns for riding.
  • How to gain movement and flexibility through your lower back and pelvis.
  • Find out how to stretch for greater joint mobility and muscle length.
  • Find out the best way to train your body and muscles for riding.
The Sitting Posture With No Core Hold

The Sitting Posture With No Core Hold

The Sitting Posture With Good Core Hold

The Sitting Posture With Good Core Hold


The program will teach you the importance of total body awareness and control, using special unique exercises on the floor and on the exercise ball.

Your body will become more flexible and trainable for riding.

You’ll achieve good core stability… WHICH IS THE absolute key to becoming a GREAT rider!

Here’s What You’ll Learn in Part 2…
In Part 2… you’ll learn HOW TO APPLY the exercises from Part 1 to your riding, and when you do… you’ll IMMEDIATELY have a new feel for how the horse moves under you.

Here’s what you’ll achieve after practicing the program in part 2.

  • Feel the four beat walk and move in rhythm with your horse using your more flexible pelvis and lower back.
  • You will be able to use your lower leg for aids, stability and control
  • Your hands will follow the horse’s mouth as your horse gently head bobs and your body won’t follow.
  • Your body will stay upright because you have better posture awareness and strength
    You’ll be looking up with a well aligned head posture.
  • You’ll be able to bend your horse around your inside leg, while maintaining a straight back.
  • You’ll be able to gain more flexion through the poll without pulling, by applying your new established, independent, arm movements.
  • The trot lessons teach you HOW TO use the specific muscle groups already trained on the ball… and transfer them in the saddle

After The Jumping Lessons

  • You’ll have a balanced strong lower leg.
  • Your lower leg will stay in position over a fence.
  • Your body will be able to move forward and back upright in time not “get behind”.
  • Your heel will stay well down all the time.
  • You’ll be able to apply a half halt in the “2 point” and “3 point” position.
  • Your lower back won’t ache and fatigue as it used to.
  • You’ll be balanced, confident and strong while traveling cross country.

Applied Posture Riding not only benefits ALL riders… but it helps teach even elite riders how to improve their posture both off and on the horse.

Bottom line, you’ll learn exactly how to train your body and your muscles so that you become the very best rider you’re physically capable of becoming.

Here’s What You’ll GET. When you Invest in this Program

The Applied Posture Riding Package

The Applied Posture Riding Package

1. The Applied Posture Riding E-book.
This is the initial 80 page e-book in full color… with all the written information, photos and diagrams you need to become the best rider you can be AND help you get rid of back pain. Hundreds of riders have already completed this program with huge success.

2. The Applied Posture Riding Tips on Protecting Your Back as a Horse Owner

This is an 8 page PDF for riders wanting advice on how to protect their back while looking after horses. I suffered from back pain for many years and with my education as a Physiotherapist, I’m qualified to show you this. By following just a few of the tips, you can save dollars on back pain treatment. This has been a very valuable manual for so many people.

3. The Applied Posture Riding Tips on How to Save Money Owning a Horse

This 11 page PDF shows you how to save money when owning a horse. Horse riding is an expensive sport. I had to save and spend my money wisely. I’ll share simple ways to save money so you can spend it on other things.

4. The Applied Posture Riding Tips on “Pure Pilates Instruction Manual”

This 13 page PDF file, sold through my Physiotherapy practice to compliment my teaching of Pilates, shows you how to strengthen and improve your abs and lower back (your core) so you get the core stability that makes you a better rider that experiences less pain. You will learn a core crunch.

5. The Applied Posture Riding Photo Album Part 1

You get 70 photos taken while filming the DVD. Yours to view as a screen saver, as a poster on your wall, or any way you want. The photos provide an instant visual picture of all the exercises in the DVD and the E-book. Many people find these photos easier to study and copy and they compliment the program well.

6. The Applied Posture Riding Photo Album Part 2

34 more photos taken while filming the DVD and giving Physio riding lesson to some of my students. The positions of many of these photos can be copied to practice as exercises. Remember… these are exercises to be practiced; they’re not riding positions gone wrong. By copying some of the positions… you’ll be able to identify some of your own imbalances or weak areas.

7. The Riding Muscles and their Function in Riding.

This 8 page PDF has full colour photos and a detailed text on the riding muscles. This booklet compliments the DVD training by way of the anatomy pictures. Many riders have found this information easy to follow and not available from any instructors.

8. How to Test Your Riding Muscles For Strength and Flexibility.

These are all standard Physiotherapy muscle tests.

9. The Entire Applied Posture Riding Program ON DVD…Part 1 is 90mins long and Part 2 is 45 mins long. These DVDs will play on players in all regions .

I will post the DVDs out (postage free) and email you the written files once payment has been completed. This may take 2-3 days. 

10. Unlimited email support from me. I am happy to answer any questions about your posture, your pain and your riding. Very many riders take advantage of this and I get many emails from all over the world.

This is what I do for a living and I have come to realize in my travels very few medical people or horse riding instructors have the knowledge I have, as a combination.

I know back pain, I know the posture and I know how to ride. I HAVE BEEN THROUGH IT ALL MYSELF.

The cost of this program at $127 (AUD) is less than two physio consults, less than a gym membership and less than 1-2 riding lessons. It is certainly cheaper than a rehab program as well .I know this is a great program and some people need extra support. I am able to provide this so you can achieve your success and  you don’t just waste your money.o

Once you hit the buy button you will be directed through a secure payment site.

I will contact you and post the program out, usually with in 2 working days.

I find it very sad that so many horse riders have followed to advice of the uninformed and the uneducated. If you want cheap advice you get cheap advice, if you want professional advice you will get results.It Is Worth It !I will also offer a money back guarantee. IFIf you follow this program for 60 days and feel it was a waste of your money then return it.However I will only refund your money  if you have contacted me and discussed where you are having problems along the way. I am not interested in scammers.

I have been reading comments on the horse forums. It is interesting the advise given by members. Many suggest riders don’t need to spend money on an exercise program when they can just do some Pilates exercises. It is interesting members suggesting this is not worth it, but they haven’t seen it…hmmmm. I also find it disappointing riders with back pain are seeking advice from the uneducated. Back pain will affect you forever!!! If you are spending $50 to $100 for a riding lesson and $60 to $100 for a physio consult and much more on a Pilates class and even more on a specialist, let alone time off work, and a horse not being ridden, this is not an expensive program.

To follow this program you’ll need a big physio exercise ball and some Physio theraband. You can buy these at any sports store or contact me. The e-book and DVDs are NOT sold separately, they only come together, as a package. ALL 10 PARTS ARE INCLUDED IN THE ONE PRICE. IT WILL NOT BE SOLD SEPARATELY

If your not convinced yet and still hesitant then read the success stories from those riders who are already following the program.

Applied Posture Riding Facebook Page

Who Needs This Program and Who Doesn’t?

This program can be used to improve your riding skills, enjoyment, and comfort… NO MATTER what discipline or skill level you are….

Dressage Riders will become more upright, more sensitive, accurate and completely refined with their aids. The sit trot will become easy, and the canter will be elegant. Of course there is so much more you will achieve though.

Jump Riders will achieve a completely stable lower leg and upper body strength. You’ll be balanced for that big drop fence. The water fence will be a dry ride.

Pleasure Riders will enjoy their riding more and be safe, confident and have fun every ride.

Western Riders will learn how to be soft and flexible through the seat and achieve the perfect lope canter.

Beginners and Riders Returning after a Break  will train their muscles and posture correctly from the beginning. Strength and confidence will build quickly.

Women returning after child birth especially need this core training and confidence.

If you currently ride and want to become a BETTER rider, and you want to be able to ride any horse with skill and confidence, this program will help you achieve that dream.This program will teach you how to ride a horse.This is an exercise program for horse riders.
If you have had a break from riding or returning to riding after having children…then you need this program to get you back in the saddle.
If you want to learn the fastest way to improve your skills while riding,  without numerous repeat riding lessons, this program will help you.
If you want to learn how to be stronger, more flexible, more mobile, and more energetic in ALL areas of your life, this program will do that.
If you want to get rid of back pain and save money on ALL those medications or treatments you may be using to manage back pain, this program will help.
If you want to do some quick, easy, fun exercises right in the comfort of your own home… without needing a gym membership, expensive machines, or having to go to classes, this program will help.
Now you can focus on JUST riding and enjoying it more, because your body will be in tune with what you’re doing. You won’t have to consciously “think” about it all the time.

Here’s Why This Program Is Better than Others…

This program has been designed by ME… a practicing Physiotherapist with 30 years of real-life experience helping my clients get results.
Not only that, but I’m a retired elite three day event rider and a Pilate’s educator. I’ve been a horse rider and instructor for many years and have treated and trained 100’s. I am absolute passionate about teaching riders to be the best they can be.
So I practice what I preach. I really think it’s important that you know you’re getting advice from someone who knows their stuff.
The program is for ANY horse rider (even a famous Olympic rider can improve their posture) because it emphasizes core training and core stability… and training your riding muscles will help you become a better rider and you’ll be more effective with your aids.
Whether you’re a pleasure rider or you ride in competitions… this program will improve your skills so you enjoy riding more and do better in events.
Anyone who wants to improve their horse riding posture and riding should follow this. You’ll feel stronger, you’ll be able to control your body more, and you’ll look better in the saddle.
It doesn’t matter how big the trot is, or if you’ve had problems with balance at the sit trot, you’ll just sit. In fact the quality of your horse’s paces will improve as a result of YOUR riding because you will be with him not against him…… in all paces.

So What’s The Bottom Line? Why Is This Worth The Money?

I can honestly say this program will not only improve your riding AND your enjoyment, it will save you  dollars. You won’t need  as many riding lessons because you’ll be able to train yourself. When you choose to have a riding lesson you will progress much faster rather than get stuck on your posture. (You have trained this yourself).

You won’t need to go to the gym because I’ll show you exactly what you’ll need to do to improve your muscle strength, flexibility, and core stability , in your own home.

Therapy is Expensive

Therapy is Expensive

You also won’t need expensive over-the-counter treatments for back pain core strength is the best exercise for back pain.

And you’ll no longer have to spend money on taking specialized Pilates classes at your gym, because I’ll be teaching you PURE Pilates! This program is a specialized equestrian Pilates program, all the horse riding exercises are specific.

You’re Literally Saving Hundreds of Dollars!

This Program Saves You A TON of Time As Well!

This program takes less than 30 minutes a day!

This Program will save you from nagging back pain.Did you know that over 80% of horse riders suffer from SOME kind of muscle pain… like lower back or neck pain.
Many of the stretches I teach will help you reduce muscle tightness, increase your joint mobility, and improve flexibility… having a significant impact on your riding..
Not only that, but any kind of headaches you have will be managed with the better posture you get from this program. Joint pain will be less because you won’t “jar up” while riding. And your body will no longer suffer constant stiffness, aches and pain.

A Movement Pattern For Horse Riders

A Movement Pattern For Horse Riders

No matter if you want from your riding… this program will give you the skills to go as far as your heart desires.  Horseback riding exercises for beginners are overlooked, but not in this program.

Most trainers or coaches will NOT give you this information because they’re simply NOT ABLE TO TEACH IT it! Strengthening exercises for horseback riders are just not available. Pilates for horse riders is a topic not well covered, especially by a professional, with credentials

I created this program out of my own need to become a better rider. I had to study other top riders AND draw from years of my experience as a Physiotherapist and Pilate’s instructor. Pilates for horse riders DVD is a well searched term but not well supplied.

Would you trade ONE lesson with an instructor to get the skills you need to become the absolute best rider you can be? AND… you can use this DVD and e-book forever!

Enjoying Riding

Enjoying Riding

It’s Time To Start Enjoying Your Riding

And ANY Level of Rider Can Use These Techniques!

Leanne here (photo below) is in the program, already feeling the difference and seeing the results.

Leanne at her first show WOW.

Leanne at her first show WOW.

Leanne never wanted to jump, was only interested in hacking. Well after 2 months of core training and applying the movement patterns is now jumping 60 cm classes at shows. Her new target is 90cm classes and a small ODE. Not only has her strength and balance improved, her confidence is soaring and opening up new areas of riding for her. All because she can now ride so much better. This is her dream not mine. I’m just teaching her how!

Competing For Fun

Competing For Fun

I get hundreds of success stories I get from those who use my information…

I get emails every day with success stories from HAPPY riders who have used this program to improve their riding, become more confident and more skilled and get more pleasure from their riding.

Back Pain Will Stop You Riding

Back Pain Will Stop You Riding

I also enjoy hearing from riders who no longer experience the nagging back pain that USED to stop them riding. I find it very sad that so many horse riders have followed to advice of the uninformed and the uneducated. If you want cheap advice you get cheap advice, if you want professional advice you will get results.

And it doesn’t matter if you’re new at riding or you’re a top rider whose been riding for years, ANY rider at ANY level can use this program to improve.

This is because the riding posture is the same for us all ….but every one of us has a different problem holding us back. If every rider fixes THEIR OWN problem then every rider will improve.

Equestrian Pilates has become popular but only if trained by an expert.

Annette Willson author "Applied Posture Riding"

Annette Willson author “Applied Posture Riding”

Good luck with your riding and enjoy.

Remember to look at yourself before you blame the horse.

Annette Willson

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